Lessons Learnt The Hard Way (Worst Party Ever)

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Is It Over, Can I Go Home Now?

I think it’s finally time for me to talk about my worst party ever. I’ll be honest, although it was a good few years ago I still get the shivers and experience a feeling of impending doom when playing it back in my head. I’ve got a feeling though sharing what happened is going to be cathartic so here goes…. Read more »

Life’s What You Make It (Yet Another 80’s Song Link)

Good Friends, Happy Face. Rubbish Friends, Sad Face.

*WARNING*. Slightly serious post about the meaning of life and other adult stuff. If any of it comes across a bit patronising or condescending it’s purely accidental. Mrs Banana Head turned 50 last week and she’s had epiphanys all round.  Some of these have rubbed off / attached to me like friendly leeches so I wanted to share them. I… Read more »

He Used To Be A Shy Boy (Not The Bananarama One)

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Sorry, Can't Think Of A Funny Banana Based Caption For This.

SHY, three seemingly innocuous letters that together can become very powerful with the ability to hold you back and stop you growing into a strong, confident person. I’m speaking from personal experience here as in various stages in my life this has been me. I talked in another post about Jade and people’s, (normally strangers) reactions to her not being… Read more »

Lost But Never Forgotten (Baby Loss Awareness Week)

This week is Baby Loss Awareness Week. Started in the UK in 2002 as Baby Loss Awareness Day, it’s aim was to raise money for UK organisations supporting bereaved parents. The following year it expanded to a week and had events across the UK. Since then it has gone from strength to strength and today is a collaboration between more… Read more »

Being A Food Addict (Who’s Eaten All The Iced Buns? Oh, It Was Me)

It Was Going To Be A Tough Party.

You might be thinking that the title of this week’s post sounds a bit different to the usual jovial, quirky stories I often share here. Well, in the spirit of being open, honest and a little bit vulnerable I really wanted to talk about this and how it affects me. What image springs to mind when you think of a… Read more »

The Liebster Award (More Amaretto Please)

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A Dream Come True After Blogging For 700 Years

The Liebster Award So, last week I was nominated for the Blogging Recognition Award and this week the Liebster Award. I’m not saying this has all gone to my head but I’m now recruiting for someone to throw rose petals at my feet as I walk. I’m joking of course, that would be ridiculous. I’ll be using dandelions instead, much… Read more »

Bloggers Recognition Award (Get The Amaretto Out)

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157 Years Of Hard Work Pay Off

So this week’s post is a little different to normal. No writing about Mr Banana Head, slightly amusing family stuff or my social awkwardness issues. Instead I wanted to let you know that I’ve been nominated for the “Blogger Recognition Award” which is very exciting. Firstly, I’d like to say a big thank you to Laila Laurson for nominating me… Read more »

Back To School Time (Get The Blue Nun Out)

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All Ready for my Bog Wash.

So it’s been about a week since the schools went back. This means various emotions have been felt by parents everywhere. These have ranged from pure unadulterated joy and relief to guilt and feeling it’s the end of the world. For those that have almost lost the will to live and become numb to life, it’s just another day of… Read more »

The Agony and Ecstasy of Soft Play (Pass the Wine)

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Don't Tell Mango I'm Here.

Soft play, two seemingly innocuous, innocent and unrelated words. For anyone without children they mean absolutely nothing. For anyone with children however, it’s very different. Just stroll up casually to a parent and whisper the words in their ear. Now stand back and watch their reaction. They might start crying, sweating profusely, shaking uncontrollably or even break down shouting, “No,… Read more »

Happy Holidays (Free Fidget Spinners And A Brush With Death)

At This Rate I'll Win A House By Wednesday.

We’ve just returned from Norfolk where we had our first Honey holiday. Taking a dog with you means that some things will be very different but a lot remains the same. As we normally do, we came back with happy memories, beer stained clothes caused by clumsy hands and spilt drinks, 23 random stones and shells the girls want to… Read more »